Family vacations are so much fun and are the number one activity for making families happy. In fact, about 37% of families admit that vacations make them the happiest. They’re just nice because you can let your guard down a little, you don’t have to think about work or your parents or the house or any of that daily drama that stresses you out constantly.

Unfortunately, as anyone who’s ever had to plan a family vacation knows all too well, vacations themselves are actually hit or miss regarding family happiness. Sure, little kids are going to have fun no matter where you take them, but they would be excited to go to a cardboard box factory in the middle of the desert.

For the parents, vacations can be even more stressful than their day-to-day jobs. That entirely depends on where and what vacation you decide to go on.

Summer vacations to areas with beautiful weather seem like the clear cut answer, right? That’s what most people say, but there are tons of ways a summer vacation can quickly go sideways. You could plan the perfect trip to the happiest place on earth, only to spend an entire weekend waiting in five hour-long lines in 100-degree heat. At crowded tourist hotspots, it’s like a nightmare where there are millions of children running around, covered in suntan lotion, screaming at the top of their lungs, and making you spend a fortune. It’s a disaster.

Going on a winter vacation to a snowy paradise, however, can both be fun for everyone and relaxing for the parents. Think about it, hundreds of thousands of families enjoy going on vacation to these summery spots, so no matter when you go there will be about a bazillion other people there. So, at best, you’ll spend 50% of your entire vacation waiting in a line of some sort. Winter vacation parks, on the other hand, are usually filled with just the right amount of like-minded families, who are only there to have a good time and get away from all the chaos, not be a part of it.

The travel for these summer trips is perhaps the only thing more annoying than the trip itself. Screaming babies on a plane ride to a place where you’re instantly going to start sweating? That doesn’t sound like the recipe for happiness. Pleasure travel actually accounts for approximately 61% of winter trips, and fully 88% of families go on winter vacation in SUVs, vans or cars. Doing this will allow you and your family to bond, play fun travel vehicle games, and most importantly, not lose your minds while on an airplane.

​The lodging is much better during a winter trip as well. There are vacation rental properties including beautiful condos where you and your family will enjoy the beautiful sights of snowy terrain and peaceful star-filled nights. For the summer trip, there are vacation rental properties that overlook parking lots and smell like a 95-degree closet.

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