When the holidays draw near, spending time with family and sticking to comforting tradition is what you look forward to most. Traveling during the holidays sounds stressful, but the reality is, there is no better time to take a vacation.

Discover why you and your family should travel this holiday season. You’ll find the experience unique and exciting, and you’ll create a holiday adventure that is unmatched by any other.

You Ease Holiday Stress

With holidays comes prepping your home for extended family visits, preparing large meals, entertaining children who have just entered holiday vacations, and dealing with last-minute shopping for unexpected recipients. In short, the holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year but, for many, are stressful instead.

In fact, the holiday season is reported to be the most stressful time of year, leading to depression, frustration, and burnout for most. Nearly half of Americans report feeling pressured to create a perfect holiday, which takes away from the intent of the season.

When you travel for the holidays, you leave behind the stress and pressure of making your home perfect for entertaining and enter a world where you are catered to instead. Book a resort vacation for your family and look forward to room service, new dining experiences, activities the family can enjoy, and new traditions and memories that are priceless.

You Save Money

Ask your travel agent when the best time of year to travel is, and you’ll hear that parts of the holiday season are best for booking airfare and resorts. Slow portions of the holiday season mean better deals for you. You may have to alter your vacation so you travel just before or just after the main holiday to save the most money if your budget is a concern.

Another way you save money with a holiday vacation is this: You use the holiday as part of your Christmas present to your family. Choose a vacation destination that has fun activities for everyone to enjoy, such as skiing, and include these experiences as a gift that can’t be wrapped.

You Book Travel Easier

Trying to find the best time of year to travel is hard. Taking time off work and meeting the school schedules of your children limits the amount of travel time you actually have. Since many employers regard the holiday season highly and allow their employees time off, you have a better chance of getting away for a few days without interrupting your work schedule or taking your kids out of school.

You Avoid Family Quarrels

If you normally have to split your holiday season with multiple family members, you feel torn if you don’t spend equal time with everyone. Rather than sacrifice intimate family time with just your immediate family members to meet everyone else’s plans, travel instead.

When you travel, you keep family quarrels at a minimum. Since you aren’t spending time with any extended family and have a valid excuse for doing so, you can enjoy your smaller family holiday guilt-free.

To keep extended family from feeling left out of your holiday festivities, let everyone know in advance that you’re traveling this year and won’t be home. This way, your family won’t be included or expected in upcoming parties, dinners, and other traditions that you normally attend, and everyone can make separate arrangements.

Traveling for the holidays gives you the opportunity to create new family traditions. Rather than succumb to what you’ve always done, give your family a fresh adventure they won’t forget. Our staff at Winter Park is happy to arrange your holiday stay for you. Contact us today, and make your season relaxing and exciting for everyone.