Winter Park is one of the most beautiful places in Colorado for viewing autumn foliage. If you come to Winter Park to see gorgeous autumn leaves, come prepared. Although you may be able to buy some supplies when you arrive, Winter Park is a small town of only about 1,000 people, and you may not be able to find everything that you want. Learn the essential items you need for your trip.


The temperatures in Winter Park can get cool in the fall. The temperature during the day is usually warm and pleasant, but sometimes at night, the air can get chilly. A warm jacket or fleece is usually perfect for the cooler fall days & evenings. Turn up the heat or turn on the fireplace as needed keep your cabin warm and toasty. You may need a jacket in the early mornings or late evenings. We suggest you bring a range of clothing: from shorts and t-shirts to long pants, a baseball cap or a hat, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and a fleece or medium jacket so you will always be comfortable no matter what the temperature. A rain jacket is a good idea too as mountain weather can change quickly. In the summer and fall, we do get rain & afternoon thunderstorms.

Water Bottle

The elevation of Winter Park is about 9,100 feet. At this altitude, some people can experience altitude sickness. Drink a few quarts of water per day to help with any symptoms you might experience. If you have had altitude sickness in the past, talk to your doctor before arriving. Your doctor may decide to prescribe medication that can help.

Hiking Boots

Hiking along the trails is a fantastic way to see the wildlife and scenery. Bring a good pair of hiking boots with you, and break them in before you come!


Satellite reception can be spotty in the higher elevations. With any luck, your GPS will work, but in case it does not, you will want to have a map with you in the car. Check the map in advance to be sure that it shows the proper route to Winter Park.

Sunblock and Sunglasses

At an elevation as high as 9,000 feet, you will get about 50% more UV exposure than you would at sea level. You can sunburn quickly. Bring with you sunglasses that provide UV protection and sunblock as well. Put on the sunblock even if you think that you will not be outside for very long. Do not get a sunburn while you enjoy your time at Winter Park!

Four-Wheel Drive

By November, Winter Park typically has several inches of snow on the ground. A four-wheel-drive vehicle can help you avoid accidents while you drive around in search of beautiful fall foliage.

Binoculars and Camera

Viewing nature is why you are here, and the binoculars can help you do that. Of course, you will also want to take pictures so you can show your friends and family everything you saw while you were on vacation. Bring the best binoculars and camera possible to ensure that you will have a rewarding viewing experience.


If you stay in a cabin with a private hot tub, you will want to have at least one swimsuit on hand. If you plan to use the hot tub frequently, bring more than one so your suit can dry out between dips.

Are you ready for a trip to Winter Park, Colorado? If so, then now is the time to make your packing list. If you have questions about anything that you might need to bring or buy when you come to Winter Park, contact Access Winter Park. We are always happy to answer questions and make recommendations about anything from the best trails to view fall leaves to the best restaurants or shopping in town or where the wild things are.