Winter Park is a picture-perfect place to set the scene for romance. Situated in Grand County, Colorado, Winter Park is a resort town that attracts the most visitors during the winter months. However, you can visit Winter Park during any season. Exciting adventures and opportunities for romance abound throughout the year. Consider these ideas when planning your getaway.

Plan for the Activities You Want to Enjoy

Romance is different for every couple. If your idea of romance is cuddling around a fire after a full day of skiing, you may want to plan a winter getaway. The ski season in Winter Park usually starts in November and ends in late April. Couples’ skiing lessons are available if you’re hoping to try the recreational activity for the first time.

If you prefer mountain biking, hiking, and stargazing in warmer weather, visit Mountain Park in the spring or summer months.

Winter Park has multiple town parks. At Wolf Park, you can enjoy a game of tennis with your partner, hold hands while taking in the natural beauty of the park from the gazebo or explore the bike trails. Or go for a nature walk at Confluence Park.

You can also attend concerts and other special performances at the Rendezvous Event Center during the warmer months.

Welcome the Fall With the One You Love

Take a hot air balloon ride during the fall and enjoy views of fall foliage on the mountains. Also, during the autumn, enjoy the brilliant colors of changing leaves while sharing a picnic with your significant other at the town’s Hideaway Park. If the weather gets chilly, firepits are available for visitors’ use.

Enjoy a Winter Train Ride

If you decide to make the trip to Winter Park in the season that is its namesake, you may want to enjoy a train ride. Amtrak has a seasonal Winter Park Express train service from Denver. It runs on weekends from early January to late March, and the train service helps you to enjoy a romantic weekend without having to worry about traffic. Instead, relax and enjoy the views.

Also, once you are in Winter Park, you can take the Winter Park Express ski train for a leisurely train ride. The Winter Park Express now has a lounge car where you can relax with your partner while savoring wine or beer and delicious snacks. The lounge car has floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can take in the gorgeous mountainside scenery on the trip.

Savor Romantic Lunches and Dinners

You’ll only get the most from visiting the town of Winter Park if you try at least a few of their renowned restaurants. You can enjoy everything from patio dining with sumptuous views to romantic dinners by candlelight. Deno’s Mountain Bistro and Volario’s are among the popular restaurants in town. Goody’s Mountain Creperie is a good place to stop for after-ski snacks.

Choose a Romantic Home Base

The most important part of a romantic getaway is where you choose to stay. If you plan to spend most of your time relaxing and enjoying the company of your significant other in private during the getaway, your lodging is even more important. Prioritize what you most want in your accommodations before you start your search.

If you plan to spend a lot of time skiing, staying in a place where you can get going as early and as conveniently as possible is perhaps the most important thing. On the other hand, if you don’t mind a trek to get to the slopes, you may focus on finding accommodations that offer the most amenities and romantic touches to make the trip special.

For a worry-free getaway with the one you love, contact Access Winter Park to book a romantic place to stay in the heart of Winter Park. Whether you’re looking for a ski-in/ski-out townhome, a cozy condo with a hot tub, or other special accommodations, we offer an idyllic haven for enjoying time with your significant other amid the pristine beauty of Winter Park.