The holidays are coming. You may have decided to spend either Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled trip with your family. Spending time together enjoying what your chosen resort has to offer, as well as the local amenities, can make your holiday all the more special.

What can you do to help make your family trip during the holidays a special one? Here are just a few tips to get you started.

Decorate Your Rental Lodging

If you truly want to bring the holidays to your home away from home, then decorate your lodgings. Your lodging could already be decorated, but you could also end up with a room or vacation home that is a blank slate.

Pack a small number of decorations, or purchase some at your destination, and really make your rental feel like home. This small homey touch will bring the magic of the holiday into your lodging.

When you are ready to leave for home, remember to take down the decorations.

Take Part in Local Holiday Activities

One of the greatest experiences you and your family can have while traveling during the holidays is to experience the local activities. Many cities and towns host a local Christmas market with samplings of local foods and beverages. You might even find a unique gift for a special someone. You could also watch a Santa Claus parade or another holiday-themed activity your family would enjoy.

If you do head out to see the local attractions and holiday-themed activities, make sure you check the hours of admission. Some attractions, such as theme parks, skiing, or sleigh rides, might be open all winter, but their hours could change during the holiday season.

Plan to Make Your Holiday Feast

If you are staying in a vacation rental that has its own kitchen and dining area, then you may wish to plan to make your own holiday feast. While some resorts do offer holiday meals and parties, you might want to spend some time with just your family enjoying a meal.

Don’t bring your food with you. Instead, head to a local supermarket and pick up the items that you need there. You could get special items like the makings for a gingerbread house too.

Gift-Giving Considerations

If you are traveling by airplane to your resort, don’t wrap your gifts ahead of time. Instead, pack them in clear plastic containers so the airport scanners can see what you are carrying. Keep any gifts you buy ahead of your trip to a minimum if possible. The more weight you pack into your baggage, the more likely you will have to pay an extra fee.

You could also purchase any gifts online and have them shipped to your resort location, or you could have the gifts shipped directly to your home — gift-wrapped and ready to open when you get home. You could also pick Secret Santa’s so everyone only has one gift to buy and wrap.

One last gift-giving consideration is that you could forgo giving gifts altogether and enjoy the experience of exploring your destination’s activities instead.

You could opt to take skiing lessons, have a hike through the mountains, or attend a New Year’s Eve party. You could have the gift of simply spending time together and even making new friends. Experiences can mean more to your family than a traditional gift.

When you decide to spend your holiday season with us, we will do our best to ensure you make memories that will last a lifetime. A new holiday trip could create the start of a tradition that lasts for years. Contact us at Access Winter Park so we can help you plan your holiday vacation today.