Vacations, although often stressful, are one of the most fun events you and your family can do. Wholly 37% of U.S. families said that vacations make them happy. Unfortunately, vacations can go from fun and happy to stressful and a nightmare in a matter of seconds, so it’s extremely important to take everything into consideration when planning and executing your trip.


The most important decision you and your family can make regarding your vacation is actually where you’re planning ongoing. Staying in expensive condos on a crowded beach can be even more stressful than your day job, but going on a trip to a winter park can be a new and exciting trip for the entire family. Make sure to plan out every aspect involving the location of your trip: weather conditions, any special events going on in the area, and any other important information.


The activities that you and your family will enjoy during your trip, aside from the sheer relaxation, are the second most important part of your vacation. Make sure the vacation you’re planning has plenty of fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. Some vacations only have cliche tourist-oriented activities to enjoy, and honestly, not everyone enjoys those kinds of activities. Winter park vacations can offer some original and exciting activities including skiing, snowboarding, dog sled riding, mountain biking, and plenty of other snow-related fun.


Another important and potentially deal-breaking aspect of your vacation is how much you’re going to spend on lodging for your trip. Roughly 62% of vacationers said that they would stay in condos during their vacation because they have cheaper rates than major hotels.

Approximately 22% of leisure travelers have stayed in a vacation rental over the past two years, and 24% have stayed in vacation condos. Spending thousands of dollars on expensive major hotels for your entire family, just to sleep there, seems like a giant waste of money. Instead, spend your money on lodging that can act as a home away from home while you’re on vacation, with features like kitchens, hot tubs, and more. That way, you’ll have more money left over for doing more family-friendly winter activities. Don’t let high lodging prices ruin your vacation.